common injuries after a car accident

If you are ever in an automobile accident, you need to take every precaution to ensure that you do not have injuries that could impact your health in the long term. Here at Metairie Chiropractic & Rehab in Metairie, LA, our chiropractor often treats patients who walked away after a recent auto collision thinking that they were okay at the scene. Our team encourages people to be mindful that automobile accidents cause the body to move with force and unexpected ways. These unnatural movements can cause injuries that can cause pain and other symptoms for a number of years. Here is some information about two common injuries people sustain in car accidents, and how our experienced team can help. This article is here to help you understand how chiropractors help car accident patients in Metairie. We hope it helps you to avoid the long term problems we so often see.

Not At First

One of the important things our team here in our clinic wants to impress upon people the fact that it is possible for them to have an auto-injury, and not experience symptoms immediately. Whiplash is a common condition associated with automobile collisions. Whiplash occurs as a result of a forceful and quick forward then backward thrust of the cervical region of the spine. Generally, the symptoms associated with Whiplash appear within 24 to 48 hours of an accident. Some symptoms associated with whiplash include but are not limited to pain in the neck and shoulders, neck and shoulder stiffness, a decrease in the range of motion in the neck, fatigue, dizziness, blurry vision, sleep disturbances and tingling sensations in the arms.

Lumbar And Thoracic Back Pain

Back pain is the number one injury associated with automobile accidents. People can experience pain solely in the lumbar, cervical, or thoracic region of the back. It is also possible to have pain in all three regions of the back. Back pain symptoms include muscle aches, stabbing or shooting pain and pain that radiates down one leg, pain that worsens when bending, standing, walking or lifting. An auto-injury can lead to compressed nerves, pulled muscles, torn ligaments and ruptured discs.

Auto-injury Relief in Metairie

Our chiropractic professionals are trained to treat a wide range of symptoms associated with automobile injuries. A history and physical which delves into the person and family histories of our patients before an exam is performed. This is our first and most important step towards helping our patients recover from their injuries. Understanding the personal and genetic makeup of our patients also helps our chiropractor determine the best course of treatment to address our patient’s symptoms. Treatment plans in our facility generally include a combination of chiropractic treatment modalities. Some treatments used to treat automobile accident injuries include but are not limited to spinal decompression, spinal adjustments, muscle stimulation therapy, heat therapy, cryotherapy, ultrasound therapy spinal adjustments and cold laser therapy.

Don’t Delay Treatment

Our chiropractic team here at Metairie Chiropractic & Rehab in Metairie, LA understands that it is impossible for you to be your best self when you are in pain. The worst thing you can do is worsen your condition by ignoring your symptoms. Our chiropractor, Dr. Tekippe and the rest of our team members are here to provide you with safe, effective and compassionate care. Give our office a call today to schedule your free consultation.



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